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La Cambusa was born in 1988 from the idea of "mamma Oriana" and Pino to open a trattoria characterized by express cuisine and fresh fish on display, all in compliance with the Sicilian culinary tradition

Today La Cambusa, celebrating its 31 years of history, continues to enhance the typical Sicilian cuisine, through a culinary concept based on slow food, based on excellent Sicilian raw materials, and the continuous search for new combinations and new techniques to enhance and rediscover the tradition.

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Our Menu

Traditional food


  1. Platter of Madonie cold cuts


    Platter of Madonie cold cuts

  2. Mussel soup with croutons


  3. Trilogia sicula


    Swordfish caponata, sardines fishball, spicy provola in batter

  4. Sheep and goat cheese platter


    Sheep and goat cheese platter with red onion jam

  5. Seared octopus


    Seared octopus on saffron cream soup

  6. Beef tartare


    Beef tartare with parmesan


  1. Bean soup


    Bean soup with croutons

  2. Macco di fave


    Macco di fave profumato al finocchietto selvatico

First courses

  1. Paccheri with sausage ragù and porcini mushrooms


    Paccheri with sausage ragù and porcini mushrooms

  2. Bucatini with sardines and wild fennel


    Bucatini with sardines and fennel is one of the main Sicilian dishes, more commonly called “pasta with sardines”. It is included in the list of … More info

  3. Carnaroli risotto with Mazzara red prawn and Bronte pistachio


    Carnaroli rice is a variety of long-grain rice and is the most widely used rice variety for preparing risotto. The Mazara red prawn and the … More info

  4. Grouper ravioli with seafood


    Grouper ravioli with seafood

  5. Spaghettoni with clams


  6. Tagliatelle with cedar, bottarga and prawns


    Tagliatelle with cedar, bottarga and prawns

  7. Tagliatelle on aubergine cream


    Tumminia wheat tagliatelle on aubergine cream with cherry tomatoes and salted ricotta

  8. Bucatini c’anciova


    Bucatini with red anchovy, tomato paste, passoline, pine nuts and breadcrumbs

Fish second courses

  1. Catch of the day


    Selection of fresh fish based on what the market of the day offers. The type of cooking, roasted, baked or stewed, is chosen according to … More info

  2. Grilled fillets of sea bream


    Grilled fillets of sea bream with broccoli and provola cream

  3. Sliced tuna


    Sliced tuna in a pistachio crust with onion and potatoes

  4. Grilled salt cod


    Grilled salt cod

  5. Grilled prawns


    Grilled prawns Gambero Rosso quality from Mazara: a species of shrimp that is fished mainly in the waters of the Mediterranean Sea, in particular in … More info

Meat second courses

  1. Beef fillet with three peppers


    Beef fillet with three peppers with sauteed vegetables

  2. Lamb glazed


    Lamb glazed with Nero d’Avola served with potatoes

  3. Chops with sauce with peas


    Chops with sauce with peas

  4. Sirloin Steak


    The sirloin steak is a simple and tasty second course. The sirloin (entrecote) is cooked rare and presented with cherry tomatoes, parmesan and rocket.

Side dishes

  1. Fried potatoes


    Fried potatoes

  2. Grilled vegetables


    A mix of grilled vegetables: aubergines, courgettes, radicchio, potatoes and peppers

  3. Green / mixed salad


    Iceberg lettuce / Lettuce and radicchio

  4. Baked potatoes with onions


    Baked potatoes with onions

Big salads

  1. Caprese


    Caprese is a salad consisting of tomato, mozzarella and basil. We use Bufala Campana mozzarella DOP, the only mozzarella on the market to have obtained … More info

  2. Maestrale


    Maestrale is a salad made with lettuce, tomato, onion, tuna, olives and oregano

  3. Kalamarina


    Lettuce, radicchio, bresaola, rocket and parmesan flakes

  4. Scirocco


    Scirocco is a salad made with lettuce, rocket, prawns, tomato and corn


  1. Cassata in glass


    The Cassata is a traditional Sicilian dessert based on sweetened ricotta, sponge cake, royal pasta and candied fruit whose origins date back to the Arab … More info

  2. Apple tart with vanilla ice cream


    Apple tart with vanilla ice cream

  3. Chocolate souffle


    Warm heart dark chocolate souffle

  4. Cannolo Sicilia style


    Fried dough with ricotta and chocolate chips

Ice cream

  1. Dolce abbraccio


    Homemade ice cream with the combination of vanilla cream and coffee flavors proposed by our ice cream maker Ina. Single portion.

  2. Coppa gelato


    Homemade ice cream produced by our Rorò ice cream shop. Variety of 18 flavors including classic, seasonal and lactose free.

  3. Tris di coppe


    Three homemade ice cream combined by our ice cream maker Ina. A trilogy that combines flavors and fragrances.

  4. Rorò’s rose


    Single portion of homemade ice cream with fiordilatte taste


Our Staff

The Friendliest People

Leopoldo Tardi

The owner

Inherited by his mother Oriana, he took over the management of the Cambusa twenty years ago, transforming it from an informal fresh fish tavern to a typical Sicilian restaurant, faithful to its origins in the family atmosphere, but renewed in the culinary concept

Alfonso Pizzuto

Head Chef

The beginnings of his career began when he was very young, when Mamma Oriana called him to work alongside her at the Cambusa. After a period of training in other structures, he returns today as a chef at the Cambusa with a rich experience in the Sicilian cuisine sector

Ina Romano

Ice cream maker

She received the title of Gelato Maker at the Castalimenti school by participating in the Advanced Training Course for Ice Cream Makers. Creative and with an innate culinary vein, for over 30 years she has dedicated herself to her passion for pastry and ice cream

What customers say…

"If you go to Palermo it's a fixed stop for lunch or dinner"
Daniele from Messina, Italia
"I devoured a perfect bucatini con le sarde - pasta firm, the wild fennel fragrant, the sardines liquescent"

"For those who want to eat authentically Sicilian"
Marcello from Milano, Italia
"The right price for an unforgettable Palermo dinner"
Roberta from Porto Sant'Elpidio, Italia

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