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ONAV event: “sparkling bubbles & fruits of the Mediterranean”

We are pleased to host this year the association ONAV – National Organization of Wine Tasters at the ceremony of graduation course of the eighteenth ONAV of Palermo.

The menu for the evening includes

Oysters au gratin and seafood salad

Risotto with prawns and smoked cheese

Busiate fresh pasta mullet and fennel

Monkfish stew with mussels and clams

Pistachio parfait

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Reopening: new style!

La Cambusa reopens, after two weeks of refurbishment and redesign!

We wanted to make our restaurant more welcoming, creating a more cozy feel for each table. The lighting has assumed a fundamental importance, for natural light, artificial diffused light and aimed light on each table. We have also made ​​some stylistic changes of the architectural elements, which are inspired by the original structure arches, becoming protagonists of the whole space.

Come to discover our new style…but above all our new menu!


Trattoria La Cambusa

Closed for renovation

Please note that from Wednesday, November 20th to Wednesday, December 4th we will be closed for refurbishment and redesign.
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